About Alexandra Sipos-Kocsis


Hello, I’m Alexandra Sipos-Kocsis, founder of Ask. Love. Receive - I'm a Fertility Coach, Pregnancy Loss Doula and Reiki Healer. I am passionate about helping women overcome challenges, fulfill their destiny as powerful creators and reclaim their miracle mindset. I support women on their fertility journey and help them create the family and life they desire with ease and love. 

I am a light worker and healer. If you have found me, that is not a coincidence. I believe we have been divinely guided to each other.

Working with woman who have experienced loss or are on a difficult fertility journey is a path that was divinely guided for me. I'm here and showing up for this important work because my soul is being called to this work. My heart feels the tug of the pain from my sisters, and I'm here to ease your suffering. I'm here to be of service. 


My Fertility Story

Like many women today, I spent years trying not to get pregnant. I assumed, as most women do, that once I decided to “try” to conceive, it would happen easily and naturally. That was not how things were meant to be. Six months turned into a year, and each month's disappointment of not being pregnant felt more and more painful.

After consulting with my doctor, I was referred to a fertility clinic where I was diagnosed with “unexplained” infertility and told that IVF (a $10,000+ procedure) was the best chance for me to conceive. I decided not to jump onto that path and to try some other medical interventions first. After 3 unsuccessful months, I could no longer ignore my intuition screaming at me “Get Out of There!” I decided to take a break from medical treatments and try some other more natural avenues – a path much more in line with my lifestyle.

Bowen Therapy, IV Therapy, Massage Therapy, Vitamins, Tinctures, Tonics from foreign countries, Teas, Herbs, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Reiki Healing, Mayan Massage, Cycle Management, Allergist – this is a lovely laundry list of the things that I tried and healers I visited in order to have a baby.

While I learned A LOT about my body during this time, none of these treatments immediately resulted in what I wanted most. 

At this point, my fertility struggle was so overwhelming that it was all-consuming. I was miserable. Family holidays and gatherings with friends were tough and so was daily life – seeing a mother and child on the subway was enough to set me into tears.

After a particularly difficult day, in desperation, I called an infertility helpline. At the other end was a man who had experienced exactly what I was experiencing. Talking to him instantly made me feel better, and he suggested another fertility clinic – one with great reviews. He would get me an appointment.

I agreed, and after an intense meeting and another string of tests, my new fertility doctor had some ideas – including surgery, more tests, more blood work, more needles, more inseminations… It all kind of felt like a whirlwind.

It was at this time that I started Life Coach training, and one day I decided to turn the coaching processes I was learning inward. The results were nothing short of a miracle.

I let go, forgave my body and the situation, and chose to relax into this whole crazy, emotional experience. More than anything, I realized that my mindset was such a huge factor in how I felt! I could not always change what was happening, but I could certainly change how I thought about it. Through this experience, I learned to love, have faith, let go, be open to miracles and trust the Universe.

Not surprising, after some big AH-HA moments for me, we got a call from the fertility clinic – I was pregnant!

My daughter was born 42 weeks later. And, a year and a half later, the Universe had a plan far greater than my own - regardless of what I was told was possible, my son was conceived naturally.

I know that I experienced and overcame this fertility challenge in my life for a reason – to be of service to other women going through the same experiences.

I am here to hold space for you, and to share with you all the deep wisdom that I have learned so that you can live your best life.


Professional Profile

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Doula
Master Reiki Healer
Hon. B.A. Music Education, University of Western Ontario
M.A. Ethnomusicology, York University



  • Alex is warm, caring and very encouraging. I took her manifesting love course and it was such a positive and life-affirming experience – in stark contrast to many other tactics I have tried in this pursuit (and I’ve pretty much tried them all!)
    — Sharon, Toronto
  • Alex helped me to break through barriers to love within myself that I wasn’t even conscious of. Her warm, empathetic approach and tailor-made meditations made me feel relaxed and optimistic about finding love. I definitely recommend her services.
    — Emily, Toronto
  • I had four sessions with Alexandra recently. We covered a lot of ground and did exercises to help me redirect my thinking into a more positive direction. I would highly recommend Alexandra to anyone that is having a hard time coping with fertility concerns or otherwise. I look forward to working with her again!
    — Jessica, Montreal
  • I absolutely loved my manifestation course with Alex! My group loved it so much that we asked her to create a ‘Part 2’ for us! Alex has a great sense of intuition and responded personally to people’s questions and concerns.
    — J.F., Toronto
  • Alexandra’s quiet, non-judgemental support helps you to delve to the heart of an issue and obtain clarity and perspective. She helps you to see and understand that the Universe really does have your back!
    — Ariane, Colorado
  • Alex has been an excellent coach. She is very kind and motivational, and I am especially grateful for how she inspired me to be introspective. She asked the right questions to help me pinpoint my priorities and passions in order to get moving in the right direction. She also went above and beyond to connect me to additional resources.
    — Rachel, New York