Re-Framing Your Life. Choosing What you Want.

Feeling stuck? Low? Like the universe is not on your side?

Let’s change that!

First off, it is SO important to acknowledge and re-frame our thinking.

It is easy to focus on the things that we don't like, or don’t have, or don't want. For example, I don’t like my annoying landlord, I don’t have enough money, I don’t want to be sad anymore. And, while those are all legitimate things to NOT want in your life, focusing on the problem just creates MORE of the problem.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, what you focus on comes back to you. So, if you are focusing on your bad relationships, or lack of money, or negative emotions, that is exactly what you will continue to bring into your life.

How have you been thinking about the things you don’t like in your life?

If you’ve been focusing on what you DON’T want, I've got good news for you: That means you are close to knowing what you DO want!

It’s simple - let’s re-frame things:



I don’t like my landlord  ...  change to:                  

I want a landlord that is respectful and kind

I don’t have enough money

...  change to:     

I want to feel abundant

I don’t want to be sad

...  change to:     

I want to be happy

I don’t like my body

...  change to:    

I want my body to be fit and healthy

I don’t have a partner 

...  change to:        

I want a partner who is loving and caring

A friend of mine shared this story with me recently that demonstrates this point excellently:

She was driving with her son in the winter when her car hit an icy patch. To the right of her was a parked car. Looking at that car she thought “I don’t want to hit that car” and … she did. When the police officer came to the scene he had her recap the events. He said, “you should always look at where you DO want to go, not where you DON’T want to go.”

If my friend had looked at the open lane to her left, her car and her instincts would have taken her there instead. Look at where you WANT to go!

So, try this week to catch yourself thinking about the things that you don’t want and then re-frame, re-focus them. If you don’t want X …what DO you want?

Then, when you DO know what you want: Congratulations!!! You are on your way to manifesting your desires!

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Thanks for reading.

Love and light and miracles,