Celebrating the Closeness of the Match

How do you feel and act when you see others who have what you desire?

Often, we get frustrated - or worse, jealous/angry/sad - when other people have the thing(s) that WE want.

Although it is not our intention, when we feel negative emotions in relation to what we want we are REPELLING our desires. We become our own worst enemy and prevent what we want from manifesting quickly. If we think "I feel awful about myself or where I am at because I don't have x," we are putting a very negative emotion and vibration out into the universe in relation to what we want. The universe just hears BAD EMOTION + YOUR DESIRE = YOUR REALITY. And since like attracts like you keep getting more BAD EMOTION + YOUR DESIRE = YOUR REALITY.

So, how can we attract our desires more quickly AND feel good about where we are at the same time? Simple: 


Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, disappointment, or jealous when others have what you want, try this:

Feel Good.

Although this may seems counter-intuitive, hear me out.

These people/situations/experiences of things you desire are coming into your life to show you that what you want is CLOSE.

It's a sign of the amazing things that are to come for you!!! If you celebrate that this experience was brought to you as the universe's way of saying "it's coming, it's close, it's almost here," you can feel GOOD about where you are and where you're going.

Celebrate the closeness of the match.

Once you put good emotions and vibrations towards your desires, the universe will listen and respond by giving you more goodness around your desires. Therefore:


Now, let me ask you: How do you WANT to feel when you see others who have what you desire? The choice is up to you.

I love to hear how you are manifesting the things you desire in your life. How have you celebrated the closeness of the match lately? Send me a message or comment below!