The Universe Only Knows Abundance.

 There is nothing more important than that you feel good.



Let me share a personal experience:

I have been trying to conceive a baby for over year now. For a long time, every time I would see a pregnant woman, or a woman with a baby, I would get this pit in my stomach and feel like I wanted to cry. When friends and family were getting pregnant around me, I would feel jealous - as though because they had what I wanted, it meant that they "took it from me." Since they had it, I wouldn't be able to get it. How silly is that?

Thankfully, I now know that the universe has a far greater plan than I do and that we live in an abundant universe. In fact the universe only knows abundance.


That means if we focus on things with jealousy, sadness or anger, the universe will give us an abundance of jealousy, sadness or anger. It's no wonder that since I felt these negative emotions around pregnant women and babies I wasn't getting pregnant. I was feeling in LACK of, not in ABUNDANCE of.

Now (and it's not always easy), I choose to feel good when I see beautiful pregnant women and beautiful healthy babies. By choosing to feel GOOD and KNOWING and recognizing that we live in an abundant universe, knowing that these women and babies were brought into my life because my own pregnancy and baby are CLOSE, I feel GOOD and ABUNDANT. I know the GOOD and ABUNDANT feelings are helping me to manifest a healthy pregnancy and a healthy, beautiful baby. As I wait without anxiety, I feel relaxed and trust that the universe has my back. And, I'm choosing to focus on - and enjoy - the abundance that is in my life right now.

Remember, the basis of the law of attraction is like attracts like. If you are not feeling good and abundant, how can you expect the universe to give you good and abundant things?

There is more than enough love and physical manifestations of desires for everyone to have what they want. Choose to believe in abundance and the universe will show you just how abundant it really is.

Abundantly Yours,