You Are Responsible For Yourself

I pretty much only remember learning one thing in Grade 5: YARFY.

YARFY = You Are Responsible For Yourself

Mr. McMann, our teacher, loved this one. It was written at the front of the class on the blackboard, and if anyone got in trouble it was YARFY YARFY YARFY.

Like when Justin lost his temper and threw Jamie's schoolbag in the garbage. It didn't matter that Jamie was being a jerk, Justin still had to take responsibility for his actions. So did Jamie. They were each responsible for themselves.

Ultimately, no one can choose for you your thoughts, emotions, behaviours or actions. While I do believe that we have a responsibility as humans to look out for each other - and, yes, we can be guided and motivated by others - at the end of the day, YARFY.

We are all divine creators, responsible for each and every situation and circumstance in our life - now and always.

But most of the time we don't realize what powerful creators we are, and so we create and unwillingly call into our lives some pretty funky stuff (like sickness, pain, lack, etc.). We can CREATE both good and bad. We live in a busy, fast-paced world and sometimes it can feel like life is happening TO us, not FOR us or BECAUSE of us. It's easy to feel as though our lives are out of our control.

What I often see with those who feel unhappy or stuck in areas of their lives is an unwillingness to take responsibility for what is going on in their lives. It is so easy to blame parents, bosses, partners, the economy, and to play "victim." But, if we can learn to take responsibility for everything that goes on in our lives (good and bad), then real change takes place. If we take responsibility for ourselves and claim our creative selves, we can create any life we imagine.

No one else can make positive changes for you. No one else can guide you to choose positive thoughts or positive actions. No one else can live the life you have always dreamed of. Choose to LIVE YOUR LIFE and amazing things will happen.

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Love and YARFY,