Letting Go of the Past

We have all done things that in hindsight we wish we would have done differently.

It is easy to get stuck in the energy of regret. But, when we hold on the past - to those parts of us that we wish could have been different - we are dragging that energy into our present. Not only did we do something once that we wish we hadn't done, now we are choosing to allow that negativity to affect our present as well.

Holding on to the things we DON'T want or DIDN'T want or SHOULDN'T have said builds a big wall in our lives of don'ts, didn'ts, shouldn'ts, have not's, can'ts, will nots, wish I hadn'ts ... Wouldn't you rather have CAN dos, WANT to dos and LOVE to dos in your life?

Here you are right now, and there are really two choices: You can continue to live and dwell on your past mistakes, dragging that negative energy into your present OR you can choose to learn from your experiences and work on letting go of the past. For the record, I recommend the latter.

Each moment is a gift, a chance to change your mind, to decide how you want to live NOW. You can choose differently.Ask yourself: What can I learn from this? How is this experience a blessing and not a curse?

And, go easy on yourself. Practice some self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. You are human. It's OK that you did or said something or had something happen to you that you wish didn't. The good news is it is over. Instead of feeling crappy and beating yourself up over what's already happened, if you want to feel good, choose to move on by choosing to live fully in the present. The past is past.

Life is full of lessons. If we didn't go through the hard times, the sad times, the embarrassing times, we wouldn't be able to fully enjoy and appreciate all of the LOVE and and GOODNESS that is present in our lives right now. How would we know what the light looks like if we never saw the dark?

With love and miracles,