The Attitude of Gratitude

Happy New Year everyone! New beginnings - how exciting! I love newness and making changes.

Many of us make resolutions going into the new year. We offer intentions to improve our lives, our health, our happiness. In keeping with the theme of change I'd like to share a really simple tip that can drastically make a positive difference in all areas of your life. And I mean ALL.

Be grateful.

this man was next to me, on the subway, on my way home to post this blog. i love the law of attraction. thank YOU.

Make a list of everything you are grateful for - all the things that are good and going well in your life. We often forget to show gratitude for the things we take for granted like running water, warm clothes and good friends, to name but a few. Imagine, even for a second, what your life would be like without something like running water ... I am guessing you are grateful. Consider how AWESOME it is that you have so much that is good in your life right now.

When you focus on what is going well in your life, what feels good - what you do have - the universe will continue to send you gifts on that vibrational frequency: the frequency of things going well, of feeling good and receiving what you want.

A little effort for a big payoff.

To live the attitude of gratitude, make a gratitude list. Keep adding to the list. Do it everyday. Acknowledge all that you have to be thankful for. I write out a list at night time, recording what I am grateful for that day.

Here is a sample from my list today:

I am grateful for getting up early to watch the sunrise

I am grateful for my awesome dog and cats who follow me around as I get ready in the morning

I am grateful for the nice new outfit I wore today

I am grateful for

my house with heating

I am grateful for

leftover Chinese food for dinner

I am grateful for

the 3 lucky pennies I found (I've been working on manifesting money)

I am grateful for

for feeling good today

I am grateful for

my little sister, who I spoke to today, who I love and is my best friend

and so on ...

Write down everything that comes to your head. Or, just start simply by writing down 5 things you are grateful for. Feel free to use the space below:

I am grateful for ____________________________

I am grateful for ____________________________

I am grateful for ____________________________

I am grateful for ____________________________

I am grateful for ____________________________

Fabulous job! Didn't that feel good?

Each moment is a chance to choose differently. To live a miraculous life. If you want to feel good, and to attract into your life all that you want, start by having the attitude of gratitude. The rest will fall into place.

If you would like some more gratitude inspiration, one of the most awesome women I know (and a good friend) has a gratitude blog. Check it out:

With love and gratitude.