How to Learn From Your "Mistakes" in 5 Steps

We all have moments and experiences we wish didn’t happen, or we wish they happened in a different way. We want things to be different and kick ourselves for what we did or didn’t do because we now know better. Ahhh – the gift and curse of hindsight.

Well, the past is past and now it’s time to move on, so how do we do that? 

Step 1: Forgive Yourself.

Make the choice to

forgive yourself.

Acknowledge that you did the best you could do at the time, with the information you had.

Accept what happened and assume responsibility.

It happened and now it’s over. It’s OK. Life Happens. Mistakes happen.

Step 2:  Change your story.

At this point, the past exists as a memory inside your head. Maybe you’re looking at the situation with anger, pain, fear, loss ... Instead, view that happened differently. What do you


had happened? Focus your attention on the essence of your desired outcome. Visualize how you would have wanted it to go.

Figure out what didn’t work, and you’ll know what to do differently next time.

Step 3: Find the blessing.

Transform your mistakes into opportunities for growth. Ask yourself: What was the blessing in this mistake? What did I learn? How am I now a better person?

Focus on the present, not the past.

Step 4: Move on.

This is a very conscious decision to let go. If anger, fear, sadness, etc. creep back in, say:

“No thank you. I have processed this mistake and I choose to move on.”

Listen to your intuition: What other positive steps can you take to move yourself forward? What old ideas, beliefs or fears do you need to let go of?

Step 5: Choose to feel good.

You did the hard work of acknowledging and accepting the mistake, of viewing it differently and setting yourself up to make different choices for the future. You can consciously decide to not be a prisoner to the past. Now feel good! You deserve it.

Life isn’t always easy, but by being aware of our choices we can consciously create the life we desire one day, one moment at a time. We’re human and we make mistakes - we’ve made them in the past and we’ll probably make them again in the future. But, if we can learn and grow from these events we can come to view these “mistakes” as simply “life experiences,” and that will make all the difference. 



Do you have any questions about your own challenges to move on and see the blessings in your mistakes? Send me a message anytime!