Change your Focus, Change Your Money Problems: 4 Easy Steps

Not feeling good about your financial situation can be totally draining

– emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically … Whatever the case may be (or whatever fears are causing this feeling of lack), money problems can really trip you up.

If you have any stresses or anxieties around money in your life, the below 4 steps could provide some greatly needed relief:

 Step 1: Focus on the Present. What is going right?

The first thing to do is to


focusing on the LACK of money and instead appreciate all the ABUNDANCE in your life. What do you have in your life that is going well? Do you have a lot of friends? A loving family? Good health? An awesome community? A great business idea? Make a list of all that you currently have that is amazing. The more you focus on the good, the more good you will have to focus on.

Step 2: Focus on Abundance. What do you want?

Next -- and this is SO important: Keep your focus on your desire for an improved financial situation.  If you aren’t feeling good about money, I imagine that what you want is to feel good about money and to perhaps have more of it. Again, the universe will give you more of where your focus is -- so, if you are focusing on the fact that you don’t have any money, guess what? You will be stuck with that reality. If you can focus instead on your DESIRE for more money, you will see an improved financial situation.

Step 3: Focus on your Desires. Why do you want more money? 

Like everything in life, money is energy. It’s not good or bad, it just is. I’m guessing you don’t want more money just so you can put it in a picture frame and look at it, or roll around in it -- there are probably things you want to purchase. So, it’s actually not the money you want, but something else. What is it that you want money


? A new car? New clothes? Vacations? Retirement? Whatever it is that you want, think about what money will mean for you. How can you put energy and attention into those items or experiences that you want, and lower your resistance around the money itself? Visualize what going on that trip to Italy will feel like, see yourself in your new car -- think about what you want and you will help draw those things to you. Then, relax and let the universe take care of you. Feel good knowing that you will either get what you desire or something better!

Step 4: Focus on Manifesting. Do you want to attract more money?

First, acknowledge and affirm that you


want to attract more money into your life. Then, be on the lookout for ways in which you are attracting money. At first it might be 5 cents on the street, but that's 5 cents! You might notice you are getting unexpected savings – like going to pay for something and finding out it’s on sale, or finding a Groupon for the exact thing you were about to purchase anyway. I have had clients win free trips while focusing on their desire to travel abroad!! The more attention you pay to these manifestations of money, big and small, the lower your resistance will be, and the bigger the payoff. 

Stay focused on your desires -- what you want and where you want to be -- and expect miracles!