Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

What you see is not what you believe, what you believe is what you see. 

Change your beliefs, and you change what you see. 

- J.D. Messinger

I love the light that resonates from my clients when they come to understand that they can have, be and do everything their heart desires. I love that this statement is true. The caveat, however, is that this statement is only true if you believe it to be so.

We live our lives under certain belief systems we have come to accept and internalize. From a very early age, that is how we are able to find a place in this physical world – to find patterns that make sense to us. Along the way, however, we pick up truths and beliefs that are actually harmful to us and our well-being because they can turn into hurtful, limiting thoughts. For example – growing up in a home where money was limited, you may have adopted a truth that “it’s hard to make money.” Growing up in a home where your caregivers did not have a good relationship may lead you to think that you are not worthy of a loving relationship. 

Because what we hold to be true we manifest in our lives - what and how we think about the world around us greatly influences the experiences we have. What is so important to remember is that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. 

Ask yourself: Is your current reality matching the reality of your dreams? By looking at the belief patterns you have created, you can assess whether or not these are truths you want to be a part of your life. 

So, you grew up with “money is hard to earn.” Is that belief coming true? Are you finding it’s hard to earn money? OK. So, you want money to come easily to you? Great! Then how about this for a new belief: “Money comes easily to me.” 

Maybe this statement doesn’t feel 100% true right away – that's OK. You have been carrying around the opposite belief pattern for a long time. Go easy on yourself, friend. You didn’t know any better at the time. 

I love the phrase “Faith it until you make it.” If this new, positive, powerful belief doesn’t feel super awesome yet, don’t worry because it will with time. When you think about the subject you want to change – money, your health, your relationships, anything – and an old thought pattern comes up, recognize it, acknowledge it and change it! Lucky for you, you now know that you have a choice – a choice that will dictate your reality. 

YOU CAN BE, DO AND HAVE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES – if you dream it and believe it, you can achieve it.


I believe in you,