Feeling Good NOW

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, 

nor worry about the future or anticipate troubles, 

but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

~ Buddha

It is so easy to spend a lot of time and energy dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. But if we find ourselves in this head space, where does that leave us in the present?

If we focus on what we didn’t like in the past and how it might happen again in the future

we pull all that anxiety into our present -- into the right now. This is a recipe for stress and unhappiness.

We are assuming that lightning will strike twice, and worse, waiting for it to happen.

If our thoughts and emotions are in a state of fear, our energy and the Universe will reflect that fear right back at us because the Universe is like a magnet -- we get what we give.

If our goal is to have a future that is brighter and happier and better than our past (and why shouldn’t it be?!) then we need to focus on what it is that we do want NOW so that we set up LATER to be awesome as well.

How do we do this?

Be mindful of your thoughts

Catch yourself when your mind falls into the trap of dwelling on negativity.  OK, yes, things happen in the past and may happen in the future that we wish didn’t -- but that doesn’t mean we need to drag that unhappiness/stress/pain/anxiety into our NOW. Make sure your thoughts are focused on where you want to be and what you WANT to have happen. What is awesome for you right NOW? This shift in mindset will help you shape the life you want instead of the one you fear may occur. Learn to trust that everything happens for a reason, in the right time.

Focusing on -- and being more present in -- the now allows us to enjoy life way more. Because, by doing this, we raise our vibrations and attract more of what feels good.

When you realize the past is over and gone and the future has unlimited potential, you can live fully in the NOW.

Enjoy each moment, because that is what is actually real.

It’s happening right now and it's all there really is.

The past can’t hurt you and the future will be brighter if you choose NOW to feel good and keep feeling good!