Preparing to be Pregnant

So - you are ready to create a baby? Amazing! You have come to the right place.

When you have your heart set on conceiving, it’s very easy to only focus solely on the outcome of having a baby. When I work with fertility clients I stress the importance of taking one step back and getting yourself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared before you create a baby.

Whether its your first or fifth time, I believe the below 4 principles can help you have a more enjoyable, successful and healthy pregnancy.

  1. Your body is a temple, a holy vessel. Your body is going to grow a person! It is a crazy wonderful and difficult task. What are some ways you can honour your body more? Is it through eating better, sleeping more, getting exercise, practicing radical self-love, stressing less? What parts of your body do you not like? How can you learn to love and accept yourself and your body completely? It is not surprising to me that many fertility clients say they don’t like their stomachs, wishing they were skinnier. Well, focusing negative energy and attention on the part of your body that is going to carry your baby is certainly not helpful. Embrace and be grateful for all that is amazingly, wonderfully you. 
  2. You are a divine creator. If your goal is to create a person, you are on the path to being a divine creator. Before creating a baby, are there other areas in your life that could use some more of your creative energy? Where does your creativity shine? Do more of that! Flex and build your creativity muscles! I often see how the goal of being pregnant becomes all-consuming and moms-to-be allow enjoyable activities to lose priority. Focus on creating and you will get more creative to create what you desire.
  3. Change is coming. Change is inevitable. Change is good. Being pregnant and having a baby changes everything -- your body, your sleep patterns, your daily routine. It’s all good -- it’s what you want, right? So, embrace and seek out change. Start with small things – buy a different shampoo, try a new route to work, rearrange some furniture, cook something you’ve never made before. Change it up. Feel how change can be fun and challenging. Get used to it! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but by starting the change ball rolling you are accepting and opening yourself up to feel good for the change of being pregnant.
  4. Focus on what works in your life and what needs to be let go. If you are trying to manifest a pregnancy, you are calling into your life something HUGE. Seriously. There is no time/space/energy for those things physically or emotionally that don’t serve you. This can mean decluttering, but also letting go of relationships and habits that are not life-affirming and healthy. You know what needs to go. Now is the time to do it.

You are going to create a healthy, amazing, happy child. I know you want your baby to feel unconditional love and joy. I want the same thing for you, and I hope these four ideas help.

Fertile blessings,