We Are All Fertile

After a year of trying to conceive, my doctor confirmed my greatest fear when she diagnosed me as being “infertile.”

With that diagnosis came shame, self-hatred, fear and anxiety.

It made me feel as though my body and in fact, the whole Universe had betrayed me. I was not one of the lucky “fertile” women who could have a baby.

I WAS INFERTILE. That became my new story: I told people I was infertile, questioning why I was infertile, read stories of infertility struggles, and thought about how my infertility was affecting my life.

For a long time, Infertility was a label that I wore, until it got too heavy to hold anymore. So, I decided to put it down and I haven’t picked it up since. I choose now to think of myself as having experienced a Fertility challenge – one that many women experience, and many women overcome.

It is a Universal truth that what we focus on expands. So – when I started seeing myself as Fertile instead, I began to see evidence of my fertility. I saw my creative energies in my home, my work and my community. I saw my fertility expressed when I danced, when I planted a garden and when I painted a picture.

Beyond conceiving children, our fertility is seen in all that we do, what we create, what we bring to the world, what impact we are having, and how our decisions ripple out and out and out. 

No woman is without a fertility journey. Even if she is unable to create biological children, or even if she doesn’t want children at all, we should always see the full potential of a woman’s creative energies. No one is infertile - we are all magnificent creators. Let’s lift ourselves and each other up to bring forth into this world both amazing people and amazing ideas.