I Love When Things Don't Work Out

Through my spiritual education, I have humbly learned that there are going to be times when things just don’t work out, and that is usually for the best.

In those moments of disappointment we have two options – to resist the present moment and say, “this isn’t how things are suppose to go,” or to accept the circumstances no matter how difficult. Acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing or condoning. It means saying, “OK, this is where I am.” This is your chance to choose what happens next, because this space opens you up to allow for infinite possibilities.

When something or someone lets you down, instead of imagining that this is the end or allowing the negative self-talk to creep in (what I wanted is not possible/won’t ever show up/isn’t for me, etc…), you can imagine that what happened has now passed, and now it’s time for something better to show up.

This way of thinking, of course, is much easier when something small happens – like a server brings you the wrong drink -- as opposed to something big, like “I have just been told I will never have children.”

If we accept the present moment -- whatever the reality -- we are igniting our power. But if we resist, we are giving our power away to the person or circumstance we are encountering.

To truly get to a place where we can live our best life and be our best self we must add up small moments of allowing until we can live fully in the experience of now and be happy trusting that all we are experiencing is leading us toward the best possible outcome.

xoxo, a.s.k.