Law of Attraction & Fertility

I am a certified Law of Attraction Life coach specializing in fertility coaching. I often get asked: What is Law of Attraction and how can that help you have a baby?

Law of Attraction is a Universal law that basically states that what we put out will come back to us. Imagine you are listening to a radio station, if your radio is tuned to one station it cannot receive the frequency from other stations. Just like this, where your energy is “tuned” to will be an indication of what you receive.

Understanding this law is extremely important because with the knowledge of how it works, you are able to use it to your advantage. Whether you are intentionally creating or not, your thoughts and feelings are creating the outcomes around you. Learning to tap into and control your thoughts will allow you to become the conscious creator of your own life.

Law of Attraction can be summed up with 3 steps:

1.    Asking for what you want.

2.    Believing its coming

3.    Being open to receiving

So – how do these steps help you attract a baby into your life? How can it be that simple?

Let’s break it down:

Step#1: Asking for what you want

This is usually the easiest step for people. Most people trying to conceive are usually laser-focused on what they want. Remember to focus on WHAT YOU DO WANT (instead of what you don’t).

Step #2: Believing what you want is possible

Remember when you were first trying to conceive, how it may have seemed inevitable that you were going to have a baby? Remember the faith you had in the process? Coming back to this place of faith in the Universe and trust in your body will help your body and the Universe do its thing.

The Universe's delay does not equal a denial. - Tweet That!

Step #3: Allowing for what you want to receive

One of the most important (and challenging) steps is to ALLOW the process to unfold and to let go of ideas of what should or should not be, and when and how things should happen. Let go of your timeline, let go of the idea of exactly how this is going to happen.  Leave the hows and whens to the Universe, while you focus on the what (step #1).

It is important to remain in a state of non-attachment towards the outcome and timeline of your fertility journey. This non-attachment does not mean detaching from the desire to have a healthy happy pregnancy and baby. Rather, from this space you are able to allow the Universe to co-create with you, to bring you your desires at the exact perfect time, in the exact perfect way for you.

When you know what you want, believe and trust it’s coming and allow the Universe to bring you your desires, results are always guaranteed – it’s Law.