Moving Through Your "Big Issue"

It is so easy to hone-in on a particular challenge that you are experiencing. For several years of my life, my fertility was the only issue I considered. I made personal and professional decisions because I valued my fertility more than any other part of my life. 

Having thankfully overcome that challenge, I recently found myself, again focused on another issue which is all-consuming. Ask.Love.Receive. is relaunching in the fall and it is currently an area in my life I feel a lot of weight about.

I'm sometimes overwhelmed with the great responsibility I have to the women I work with. I want more than anything to help women find joy and faith and love in their fertility process. I want these women to know that they can create the lives they desire. I want success and financial abundance for myself and my family. And, when I want something with all my heart, it is easy at times to detour into fear.

The fear/ego voice says, "Who are you to be a successful? Who are you to get what you want? Who are you to be happy?"

However - I KNOW that this voice is not real. I KNOW I need to focus on love. I KNOW my perfect clients are out there. I KNOW I can be financially abundant. I KNOW I can be healthy and strong. I KNOW I can be loved and love others. I KNOW it's OK not to be perfect. I KNOW that the Universe has my back.

Are you having difficulty feeling the same way about something "big" that's going on in your life?

Staying stuck in the black hole of "I don't have," "I want more of," "It's not enough," feels bad, and hard, and sad. If we want to a) accomplish our goals, and b) feel good more often than not, we really have to not get sucked into the fear, but live in the light.

If we spend our lives stressed and angry about one crisis or the next, things are going to always feel hard. It's not about what you are going through, because bad/sad/mad things are going to happen to all of us at some point in our lives. It's about how you deal with it, and what kind of a person you are as a result. I'm choosing to live in the light and manifest my dreams. My hope for you is that you are able to do the same!

- a.s.k.