Not Feeling Your Best? Where to Start?

If you have found yourself in a not-so-great place and have decided that you want to feel differently (aka: better), try checking in with your thoughts.

Chances are that if you FEEL BAD, the thoughts you have been creating are low level thoughts - negative, low-level, self-loathing, self-criticizing, angry, sad, untrue, fearful thoughts...

Your thoughts are created by YOU, not the other way around. Therefore, YOU are in control of your thoughts.

Only when we become aware of our thought patterns can we begin to change.

Take a moment now to be a witness to your thoughts. See where your awareness and focus is, and on what topics.

Try setting an alarm on your phone/computer to go off every hour. Use this moment to reset and reconnect with yourself and your thoughts.

Then it's time to choose - what do you want and how do you want to feel?