Fear of the Future? Have Faith and Expect Miracles.

We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we think we know about the unknown.

- Teal Swan

It can sometimes be challenging for me to start projects in situations where I don’t feel completely sure of the outcome. Perhaps you can relate to this in your life? Some people might be hesitant to start a new relationship or take a professional risk because they are unsure of where it will go and where they will end up. Do you ever find yourself fearful of what might or might not happen?

Having faith in the Universe can be a tricky thing. If you have been struggling for some time with a particular challenge, you may be in a place where trusting the Universe is the last emotion you are able to feel. And if you’re feeling upset, hurt, frustrated, and/or disappointed because things are not going your way, you are probably doing some sort of “future tripping.”

tripping hazard
tripping hazard

Future tripping is when you are fearful of the future and start imagining all of the negative outcomes that could possibly occur. This is nuts if you think about it. The future hasn’t happened, and here we are, in the present, creating negative thoughts, which inevitably turn into negative emotions or feelings. By allowing yourself to be in this state, you are robbing yourself of the joy of the right now. As Eckhart Tolle says, "worrying pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose."

Our futures can be scary, because all we have is the knowledge of the past to give us a guide to how things might turn out. But, your future hasn’t happened yet, so don’t get stuck projecting past failures, missteps and mistakes onto the present. That was then, this is NOW, and you have a chance each moment to create your RIGHT NOW. That is what will determine your future, not your past.

I can tell you that anger, frustration and pain are not serving you. You probably already know that but don’t know how to release these negative emotions or stop them from happening in the first place.

The future can feel unknown, but choosing to embrace the unfamiliar and working on finding faith will help you feel good now and attract the outcome you desire (or an even better one).

Even if you don’t feel the way you want to just yet, focusing your energy along the lines of how you WANT to feel will help you get there. If you want amazing things to happen and you ask for and expect miracles from the Universe, that is exactly what you will get. All it takes is trust, faith and the willingness to let go of how you think things will turn out.

Try saying this to yourself: “I trust that all will be amazing. I am in the process and know that what I want is coming, or it will be even better than I imagined. I trust the Universe. The Universe has my back. I can create miracles. I am a miracle magnet.” Or, try writing/saying your own affirmation - one that feels good for you.

If you maintain a state of openness and trust in both your intuition and the Universe as co-creators of your awesome life, you can have faith that your future will be amazing, even if you are not sure right now of the whens, hows, whos or whats. And in this state you can feel amazing and truly create miracles.

Love, A.S.K.